Soo my friend and I have started a summer fitness pact!

If you wanna get involved just use the hashtag #summerfitpact on Instagram and you can follow us at @lexington07 @ktb22

19.Mar.14 7 months ago
12.Mar.14 7 months ago

Measurements 3/12/14

R arm: 11”
L arm: 11.50
Chest: 37.5”
Waist: 33”
Hips: 42”
R thigh: 24”
L thigh: 23.25
R knee: 16.5”
L knee: 16.5”

12.Mar.14 7 months ago

but netflix


how u don’t have living single?

how u don’t have martin?

how u don’t have a different world?

how u don’t have smart guy?


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09.Mar.14 7 months ago